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Lil Durk – pissed me off Free MP3 download

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[Intro]Long live D-Thang, nigga[?] back in [?], you feel me?Man, what?

[Verse]You ain’t get back for your mans, you in the club like he ain’t dead (Let’s get it)Nike ski mask for the COVID, the only time you niggas wear it (Yeah)Niggas ran inside my crib but the Glock 10 was by the bedI’ll give my gun to India before I put it in your head (Man, what?)I was low, I can’t be happy ’til we creep up on the scoreI know niggas act like they with it but they bitches on the low (Bitches on the low)

Why you niggas posting so and so? Why you niggas posting troll?Why you act like……(Let’s get it)Put up money for a high cop, put up money for a bond (Damn)I don’t see you on the regular……next day, this shit can not die downBro’nem from a different state, act like they from the ‘Raq nowAw, he…


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