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Christina Aguilera brought the flames with her new Spanish single ‘Pa Mis Muchachas’ and looks to follow-up with the entire furnace for its companion EP ‘La Fuerza.`

Its been 21 years since Xtina unleashed her debut Spanish album ‘Mi Reflejo.’ However, for her next foray on this terrain, she’s embracing the EP approach.

Interestingly, she shared with the LA Times, that she’ll be releasing three EPs of Latin material – with the first being ‘La Fuerza.’

She told the publication:

“We recorded so much that I have music for three different albums [laughs]. It was such a productive process; everything flowed perfectly every day. So I’m going to be releasing new music until the end of 2022, and I’ll actually be releasing it in three different chapters that will be like mini albums. The first one will be called “La Fuerza” and will celebrate my power as a woman, something that seems to me to be clear in “”Pa’ Mis Muchachas”, because Latin women are very strong and ardent, as well as the backbone of the family.”

As for her reasons for dropping the Spanish project now, Aguilera added:

“It was about time! I had wanted to do it for a long time, but I am happy to be doing it now and not before, because my current perspective comes from a much deeper place, after everything that has happened in my career, after raising my children and being a mother, having made peace with my past and my childhood and many other circumstances that result in this being the most appropriate and most relevant time for something like this.

I like that my children will be able to see that their mother is celebrating something with which I do not feel completely comfortable, because it is not my first language, but it is an important part of my past, of our legacy. I wasn’t as exposed to Spanish after my parents got divorced, but every time I do something Latino-related, it feels great.

I spent a month in Miami, in February, immersed in the musicality that was around me, alongside beautiful artists and singers, and I was fascinated by the talent, energy and joy of everyone in this project. I am so proud of them, so proud of this labor of love that we have created.”

We’re so here for the flex of it all and feel it’s a great time in Xtina’s trajectory to re-engage with this sound.


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