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When Olivia Rodrigo took over the world with “drivers license” at the top of 2021, critics like me scrambled to point out reference points for the trembling piano ballad, which simultaneously felt traditional and in step with the bedroom-pop zeitgeist.

But Rodrigo herself did not cite the influence of Phoebe Bridgers, Billie Eilish, or even her self-professed idols Taylor Swift and Lorde. Rather, she said the song was directly indebted to minor, the 2020 EP from Gracie Abrams. “It was so great,” Rodrigo told Pandora. “I was so inspired. I literally just drove around my neighborhood listening to it for like an hour, and I was so moved that I went home and I wrote this song, which I really love, that is very much inspired by her style of songwriting.”

Abrams is not yet Olivia-Rodrigo-famous, but she’s been enjoying a rapid rise of her own. Admittedly, she did not exactly start from the bottom: Her father is J.J. Abrams, the guy who co-created Lost and directed multiple films in both the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises. That knowledge might reasonably cause you to scoff and to slag off Abrams’ recording career as a rich kid’s vanity project.


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