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[?] stronger, yeahHold on, gettin’ colder and colder and colderI’m just getting older, yeah, yeahShoutout all my soldiers, my soldiers, my soldiersRemember [?], we never needed no loveNone of these niggas gon’ show off, but most of them gon’ fall offNow niggas watch me blow up, I growed up, I glowed upI never need no one, [?] I stood up[?]I spent these [?]She don’t mean nothin’ to meI’m just now fuckin’ with meI was not fuckin’ with meWhen shit got down bad, I believedMy mind was down bad once a weekNow I’m out of town, back in a week


[Chief Keef]… [?]You ain’t come through, bitch, clear the pathYou can’t count me out, you can’t do mathShe pick my niggas, they too wildI just pulled up, the droptop ‘RariThis is VLONE, [?] Bari[?], if I made you cry, then I’m sorryGranny, I didn’t mean to sneak out to them partiesBaby, I ain’t mean to break your heart, girl, I’m sorryAll my life, I’ve been in the fuckin’ darkYou was goin’ dumb, but I’m really a smart


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