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[Intro](Your voice is so fucked up right now)(Let me try it one more time)Everybody’s dead!

[Verse 1]You don’t have the guts anymoreHit me like a truck and I fell to the floorYou don’t give a fuck anymoreI couldn’t, thought they’d hit and run if you settled the scoreI think I wanna punch youI really, really want toYou’re talking at me like I know what you meanI made a mistake, could you give me something to respond to

[Verse 2]You don’t have the guts (guts!) anymoreYou were playing with your guns so I [?]What’s your best side?Give me anyone elseI see you’re back, byeYou can’t get over yourself

Any [?] functionSo can we skip the introductionsThe only time that I’m the girl of your dreams is when you’re shit-facedAnother white boy with the combustion[Drop]Everybody’s dead and it’s all my fault!Everybody’s dead and it’s all my fault!

Everybody’s dead and it’s all my fault!Everybody’s dead and it’s all my fault!

[Outro](That’s better… I feel better, okay?)(No more sad)


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