“I Never Thought Waploaded Would be a Signal Thief”



In the early hours of Wednesday, November 17, the highly respected Zulash came out publicly to call out Waploaded CEO, Mr Fidelis Ozuawala, popularly known as Sunnex Waploaded, over the later consistently copying signal calls from the formers Crypto Community, Whales Moves Trader to his own, Waploaded Crypto Academy.

Sage Zulash Goes Public on Sunnex Stealing his Signals from WhalesMovesTraders to Waploaded Academy

Recall that Mr Sunnex had started his Waploaded Crpyto Academy  project only after Sage Zulash already floated his Whalesmovestraders Community, of which Sunnex was a subscriber in.

After the start of the Waploaded academy, Zulash and a then Whales Moves Trader Moderator, Lil Ben, were spotted as administrators in the Waploaded academy groups giving signal calls, apparently helping Sunnex to kickstart his academy as friends.

After the full establishment of the Waploaded academy, Zulash and his team would then move out, leaving Fidelis with a great to fill as pertaining getting accurate crypto trading signals for his group members, giving Fidelis is reportedly a Crypto Amateur.

After he saw success of WhaleMovesTraders discord community he moved from WhatsApp crypto signal groups to discord and end up copying allWhaleMovesTraders channels and categories naming schemes.

That indeed wasn’t the end of it, Zulash created a premium+ community where investors can invest in crypto with ease of mind.

Sunnex would also go on to create the exact same thing and resort to copying signals from WMT Premium+ resell to his own clone of premium+ using same name as Zulash.

Further more, WhaleMovesTraders Policy made it clear that subscriber aren’t permitted to copy or resell signals, but Sunnex would repeatedly break this rules and got kicked out, but he would again join with an anonymous account to continue the same act.

Mr Sunnex would continue to steal Signals from Whalesmovestraders discord servers and posting them in his groups and even on his Facebook wall in order to get people to subscribe to his Academy. See some Photos below.

Above is a call Zulash made on the 29th of October, with Sunnex going ahead to call it on his group. The Conversation above is between Sunnex and a member of his group on the signal.

Zulash retorted that he had respectfully asked his counterpart to stop the act, over Seven(7) times, to no avail.

Above is another example with Sunnex Posting a Signal call from Zulash on his Facebook wall in order to ganeer subscribers.

The fury continued which resulted in Sunnex removing Zulash and everyone affiliated to the Crypto Sage from his academy WhatsApp Groups.

Sunnex has since recieved a number of criticisms towards his approach of the whole situation and allegded previous mischievousness.

Sunnex did hit back, saying he is only being hated on for his success since beginning his endeavors.

It remains to be seen what comes of this tussle.

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  • I have long been cut off from associating myself with Nigeria to join the commemorative business. Far back during the times of wapka.mobi I found myself in the cycle of Sunnex, Zulash, Israel32 (Prince), Mikkibow, Prince Tobico, zeddy, Micheal Bridge, Frank ETC. The way I see things then, i know in the future something like this will happen. As for Sunnex anything you have today is by the grace of God, it will not be good for you to come out openly to say people are envying your wealth. In my own opinion, it’s a bad idea for you to think of that. Like many of us that our paths cross about 12years ago, we are living fine and no one is begging for food to eat. All i expect from each and every one of us is to celebrate ourselves. Also thank God for the gift of life and always have it in our minds that, whatever wealth we acquire we’ll leave it behind and go back to our creator one day. Please let’s take our quarrel out of social media. And apologize to whom we ever offend, because no one is above mistake let peace rain. From Adamzy Tech Savvy.

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